Our method

Below are some sample files 

Case 1

When a company is sold, a takeover sum has been agreed, whereby 10% must be paid in arrears after 1 year (earnout). However, the buying party had raised funds from his wealthy family and had pledged all assets. In other words, there was indeed a claim, but no assets to recover. Ultimately, the legal pressure increased to such an extent that bankruptcy was filed with the purchaser's own family as support claim. The claim has been recovered for 100%.

Case 2

In a transaction of more than 200 million euros (order to build ships), the brokers are not paid. The brokers were unable to pre-finance lawyers and legal proceedings. Tealinez took this upon himself and the claim was collected in full within 2 years.

Case 3

A substantial loan to a private individual was not repaid for reasons of principle. After obtaining the title, it turned out that the private person no longer had assets at his disposal, which resulted in a private bankruptcy. In such a case, usually only the trustee's account can be paid from the estate. In this exceptional case, the trustee was able to pay out 100%. Tealinez has knowledge of all the ways debtors use to avoid recourse and ensures that everyone who does not want to pay will eventually pay. 

Case 4

A meat wholesaler is in trouble because its credit insurance has been canceled. The factoring company, through which the wholesaler was financed, threatened to incur huge losses. Tealinez compensated the factoring company within a few months, also cashing in on the wholesaler's assets and avoiding bankruptcy. 

Debt collection is not just about being legally right. Collecting is facilitating in the event of a liquidity problem. This is what drives Tealinez, clients support and offer the prospect of a solution and justice. 

Deepening and guarantee

When we deal with a case, an intake will first take place. We delve into the content of the case, the background and the legal framework. If we do not handle the case, we charge an intake fee of €2,500 excluding VAT. We hereby guarantee that you can write off the case and possibly settle taxes on the basis of our report. If we do want to handle the case, we will discuss the route and conditions with you.

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